Task Forces

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A C4C “Task Force” is a student driven club, class, internship or elective offered in schools to give students experience in nonprofit management, organization, fundraising, and vision. In addition, the members of the Task Force will go through empowerment/leadership trainings, embark on a cultural study of rural Uganda, and raise awareness about global well-being. Each Task Force looks different depending on the unique culture and schedule of the school!

Meeting Model:

Above all, Task Force Meetings are about increasing global well being. C4C believes we cannot achieve global well being until we achieve it personally. Therefore, every meeting will start with a five minute mindfulness practice. Once the “self care” peice of the meeting students can move on with pursuing whatever the subject of the meeting is ie, empowerment/leadership, cultural studies, fundraising etc.

Student Gains:

Besides the obvious gains (being a part of a culture of family, experience in nonprofit work, exposure to global issues, networking) students gain extracurricular stewardship or the possibility for academic credit. C4C has worked with universities to give academic credit or internship credit to Task Force members. If this would be of interest please contact Heidi Williams by clicking her name or going to our contact page.